Paperwhite – Unstoppable

“Tonight, the sky exploded. We were right to come together. We are unstoppable.”

Brooklyn sibling duo, Paperwhite, is back with another dreamy anthem for the new year, and it’s indubitably catchy. We last heard from them back in December with their release of “Get Away,” which has easily become one of my favorite songs in my entire musical collection. As the new year continues to progress, Paperwhite does too with their punchy single titled “Unstoppable.”

As “Unstoppable” starts with a staccato-sounding synth, Katie Marshall coos about cloud-nine emotions and the miniscule details of her lover’s sun-kissed face, while her brother—Ben—acts as the producer behind the track. The song speaks of an explosive and unstoppable love that everyone experiences once in life. I can hear a signature theme of time and space in each song they release, and it brings a cool futuristic element every time. I love that they can sneak tiny metaphors about that in their songs because it allows listeners to think about love and affection in a different, yet mesmerizing way. The duo conveys the message well and brings it to life when a love like that can seem indescribable. This love is meant to be cliché, but Paperwhite makes it sound powerful and crave-worthy. The famous phrase “I’m on top of the world!” comes to mind when hearing about this kind of affection. How appropriate for the track to release just days before Valentine’s day!

Everything about Paperwhite is dreamy—their sophisticated melodic sound, their lyrics, and gentle vocals. Listening to them is like being embraced by the comfort of an old friend or your grandma, and who doesn’t like old friends and grandmas? Paperwhite has a good thing going for them, and I hope they keep their dream-pop sound forever.

If you’re loving Paperwhite’s new track, check them out on SoundCloud and Spotify for more songs just like it! I’m hoping for a tour soon.