eliza shaddad

Eliza Shaddad – Run

“Run now before you lose everything / Go now before you do”

After releasing a couple of captivating teasers, Eliza Shaddad has released the title track of her upcoming EP, Run. The Sudanese/Scottish artist has a long family history of artistic talent, and she is prepared to take the mantle with the craft of music.

Moodier than her previous pieces, Shaddad shows off her classic singer/songwriter touch with Run. It’s an acoustically-driven track that is focused on lyrical content with real heart and soul. There isn’t much needed beyond a voice and an instrument, and in turn, the production on this song is very much minimalist. On another level, though, it still sets itself up to be a dance-worthy live song. The beat begins to get more elaborate as the song comes to a head, but never usurps Shaddad’s voice, which is truly being showcased here. The technique successfully creates a tension that can be heard and felt.

One of the best touches is a suitably dramatic drum bit, with perfect accents to the song in just the right amount. It creates a sense of power in the song that has been building up for the duration of it. Of course, this is all reliant on Shaddad’s warm voice that acts as a channel of expression. It is well-suited to the deep, climatic tone of Run and carries its emotional weight.

Shaddad, rightfully, associates the song with being “cathartic.” It presents itself as being a complete release of feelings and thoughts, an ability that music seems to hold in its own unique way.

Run is part of Eliza Shaddad’s upcoming EP of the same name, set to be released March 18th. She has an extensive list of UK and Europe tour dates lined up for the spring.