catfish and the bottlemen

Catfish and the Bottlemen – Soundcheck

“I raced through soundcheck just to meet you on your fag break and you convinced me to put life aside and want you.”

Named after the first musical memory of band lead singer and frontman, Van McCann, British indie-rock band Catfish and the Bottlemen released their debut album The Balcony in January last year, which has since been certified Gold in the UK. They have now returned with an all new single, “Soundcheck.”

While their sound used to be louder, featuring a strong steady bassline and heavier guitar melodies, “Soundcheck” takes a pleasant new approach. Cruisy and relaxing, this track is one I would have on blast in the car while taking a long road trip. However, the signature Catfish and The Bottlemen sound is still present. The whole dark, mysterious element in their sound is still present and there are the ups-and-downs and gradual build ups to anthemic choruses we are all familiar with. You can also hear the improvement in Van’s vocals through this one track; it is more defined and cracks less when he reaches for the high notes.

Even though they don’t have a sweet sound, their lyrics have always been heart-warming, making you feel safe and secure. This song is no different. It touches me and I feel loved after listening to this track.

I absolutely love this track and it has left me shaking in excitement for their upcoming second album.