photo: Matt Young / EUPH.

Grizfolk – Gramercy Theatre

Mirroring their debut album’s cover art, a four-to-five foot teepee illuminated the corner of the pitch black stage at Gramercy Theatre as the LA based alternative/rock band Grizfolk came on. The twenty-two degree weather hardly scared off any energetic fans from coming out to sing and sway along to the unique electronic folk, rock, and pop tunes.

Returning to New York after 5 months for their Troublemaker Tour, Grizfolk opened their set the same way we are introduced the album, with “Into The Barrens.” The energy in the crowd and on stage quickly picked up by their third song, “The Struggle,” where the guys utilized the stage space to rock around to the well-paced rhythm and viby keys. They continued their set with “Troublemaker” and then the slower paced, travel themed “Vagabonds.” Before playing “Wide Awake” front man, Adam Roth, shared with the audience that the track was never intended to be on the album, but in the end just did. We were then give an awesome thirty-second drum solo from Bill Delia towards the end of the track. The crowd helped intro “The Ripple” by singing the songs country like anthemic hook, “Oh oh, my my, gotta get lost to get it right.”

Ending the main act with “Bohemian Bird,” the crowd called for an encore, to which they sung not one, but three more songs including a more stripped down version of “Way Back Home” (featured on the motion picture, Mr. Peabody & Sherman), the cinematic and more synth driven “Waking Up The Giants,” then closed the show with “Hymnals” – where Adam hopped into the pit for the second time to sing among the fans.

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