Elohim – Pigments

“I can’t make you love you, I could change your pigments”

Synth-pop electronic artist Elohim has stirred up some talk among the EDM niche and has been drawing in more and more fans with each new release. Her laid back yet, floating voice mirrors the mood of her latest track, making the listener want to close their eyes, bob their head and drift away. Her latest single “Pigments” has received a lot of vocal praise from fans, however, you can also see it in the numbers. The song was released on SoundCloud January 15 and now boasts over 71k plays and over 1k likes. It seems as though “Pigments” may surpass Elohim’s previous funky, Icona Pop-esque single “Bridge to the Wall” which has hit over 146,000 plays in 2 months. “Pigments” leans a bit away from the party girl anthem to a more ambient and eclectic sound,  a tactical transition showcasing her musical versatility.

The LA artist is a lyricist that has never held back the dagger. “Pigments” stepped up to the plate on the intensity level, but in a less playful and more mature sense. One of the stand out lyrics changes a classic maxim into a darker reality.

“You can lead a horse to water, but he may choose to die”

Previous tracks like “Xanax” and “She Talks Too Much” brought the fun and the questionable choices of last Saturday night’s rager, but her latest single seems to fall back from the high and come down to earth. The introspective lyrics can allude to a number of meanings, but one thing that can be said for sure is that Elohim wants to express her more complicated layers. Everyone should know by now that when an artist decides to do that, it can only get better.