RKCB – Lights Low

“On our own just the bedposts watching, in positions only sheets can see and in the morning I’ll be broken hearted. You only want me when the light’s low.”

RKCB, a Los Angeles-based band started off writing hits for Kacy Hill, Erik Hassle as well as other notable up and comers. Now, they’ve decided to go all out on their artist project and we cannot be more excited. Relatively underground, the band definitely possesses an attention-grabbing sound. Filled with R&B-infused instrumentals, RKCB pulls on your heartstrings with their poignant style and uplifting melodies.

Despite it being different from my usual fare of music, I have to admit, I do really enjoy this song. It is emotional, chill and relaxing. I imagine this song to be perfect for late nights where you’re lying in bed clearing your thoughts.

They cite their inspiration behind the song; “When someone turns off the lights on you, physically, emotionally, sometimes you wonder if they’re there for the right reasons. Or if they’re even still there at all.” The lyrics, deep and meaningful, convey a message that is effectively brought across with their voices.

“Lights Low” is the final single off their Short Films EP, which you can check out here.