Bryde – Wait

“Wait, nothing feels the same / Nothing feels like you do”

Emerging artist Bryde has debuted her new single “Wait,” a dark and shadowy tune with some surprising elements.

“Wait” starts out sounding like it will turn into your everyday acoustic indie song. It quickly takes that idea out of the picture, with subtle touches that make it feel more like it would belong in a modern-day Twin Peaks than anything else. The use of the electric guitar is what is particularly striking about this song and what pulls it away from the distinctive acoustic singer-songwriter sound that is so prevalent today.

The draw is to Bryde’s haunting vocals, but the real mood of the song is found within in the echoing guitar effect laced into the background. It draws up a dark feeling, like a nighttime thunderstorm, but manages to have a strange sense of calmness. Her voice is expressive yet level, with lyrics as raw as the sounds that support them as she pleads “Wait, I can do this better.” It’s a great display of the emotional power  music can have. The emotion is perhaps strengthened by the fact that there is no flashy production or heavy sounds, allowing the content of the song to stand out as it was meant to.