acre tarn

Acre Tarn – Lanterns

We will summon the sound of meaning, from the midnight show, and in the morning we’ll all hold hope, with the lantern we reside, as the road unwinds

“Lanterns” is a unique sound that showcases the unparalleled sound of singer/songwriter and producer Anna-Louisa Etherington in her dream-wave pop music project, Arce Tarn. The music’s ghostly, trance-like style is emitted through Etherington’s extraordinary production, clever use of novel instruments and her visceral vocal cadence. Her sound is largely set apart from other electronic and synth tracks. It fills a hole in modern music today that music listeners now know they were missing after hearing the project’s latest single. The Lake District based project creates music that has been adopted by the likes of fans across the UK and will soon be added to the playlist of modernists and hipsters alike around the world. A sold out show at Dalston’s Tastemaker Servant Jazz Quarters in London speaks volumes to her growing popularity and how the presence of her innovative sound is breaking barriers.

The song begins with mallets knocking a xylophone that sets an eerie and almost celestial mood. Once the static base drops and Etherington’s voice floats above blend of synth, the song begins to remind us of the haunting qualities of electro-synth singer-songwriter Grimes, however, it embodies a more uplifted and almost angelic aura. Early on, her voice seems to be comfortable within a common range, but as the chorus enters, so does Etherington’s unique talent, belting with incredible vocal strength and range. Just when we thought we were surprised, we were then shocked and impressed with her rounded sound and strength in her lower range, mimicking the sound of the alto section in a Catholic church choir. This lower vocal point in the song at about 1:20 is the sweet spot, taking the song from interesting to incredible. The song exits in a complex drum solo that gives a significant nod to Etherington’s production talent, after which, music listeners are left in a trance-like state of awe.

SoundCloud’s big orange play button will implore music listeners to hit it again before the next song enters the mind to take them out of their musical bliss. If this fire song can sell out venues and make listeners feel something as I did, there is no telling how far Acre Tarn will go.