finish ticket

Finish Ticket – Color

“All my dealings are behind me. Everything was black and white inside but I’m seeing color.”

Hailing from San Francisco, Finish Ticket has been kicking up a storm with their indie pop/rock tracks. Since their formation in 2008, they’ve released two EPS and a full-length album, Tears You Apart. They have turned a few heads with their melodic rock single, “Tranquilize,” a song about how quickly life can change directions. More recently, they’ve released an EP When Night Becomes Day and a music video for their new single, “Color.”

One of my favorite things about “Color” is Brendan Hoye’s amazing vocals. He possesses incredible control over his raspy and powerful voice, really helping to carry the song across as he reaches for those high notes. Aside from just raw vocal talent, the song very well shows off Finish Ticket’s distinctive sound of eccentric drumbeats, coupled with harmonious keyboard and guitar melodies. It has an extremely captivating beat that leaves you dancing along reflexively.

The music video gives us a very candid insight into the lives of Finish Ticket as they bring us through a jam session, a walk along a beach, visiting a music shop, traveling to and performing at a live show. Simple yet personal, the video successfully connects with its viewers in a heart-warming manner.

Finish Ticket will be going on a co-headlining tour around USA with electro-rock band Vinyl Theatre in 2016. More details here.