still weeks

Still Weeks – Lungs

“Haven’t you heard that I talk about you in my sleep? Killing ourselves as a way of making love pleased. My lungs are full; I know it’s making me weak.”

Not much at all is known about Still Weeks, but if there is one thing we know, it’s that we should keep our eyes and ears open for this talented duo. “Lungs,” their debut track, gives us an insight into their sound.

I was put into an emotive state of trance listening to this pain-filled track, not something that happens that often with music. A trippy tune filled with soaring falsettos by a powerful voice, paired with a soothing instrumental, “Lungs” is an extremely satisfying song, fusing R&B, soul and electronic into one banging song.

Needless to say, we are excited to hear more of Still Weeks and their innovative compositions.


  • Kenneth Ong

    Often dramatically dim and extremely confused, Kenneth likes tea, baking and indie music. You can find him at @Kehhnough, often crying about insignificant things. He writes here hoping this is his big break, because he's feeling slightly sleepy.