kyla la grange

Kyla La Grange – Skin

“I’m still alone like I told you. No one’s gonna get through, I’m on fire and I will burn til it don’t hurt.”

If Kyla La Grange’s singles were any sweeter, we’d get a toothache. And yet, the British talent keeps spoiling us with her illustrious pop repertoire and stunning sound. Fresh off the effervescent “So Sweet” release, “Skin” is sleek and sexy with its layered, dark undertones. Kyla revealed that the new track is “the slow burn to So Sweet’s happy disco, the morning after the night before.” And with pitch perfect vocals and polished pop production, “Skin” makes it oh so easy to wake up for those early morning moments. 

Even more stunning is each song’s structure- Kyla’s emotive and bewitching vocals effortlessly pair with the track’s slithering sonic backdrop, which is extremely impressive given the London musician’s folk-rock and pop range. This vocal versatility allows Kyla’s honest lyrics to shine, regardless of the track’s genre. 

Delving deeper into the single’s darker dimensions, Kyla revealed that she wanted “Skin” to “feel very close and intimate, sexy and claustrophobic, like you’re resisting what you see but at the same time, a little twisted part of you is really enjoying it.” Here at EUPH., this is one artist we’re definitely not defying.