KYKO – Pull Me Up

“Always been looking for something to lose, when I needed something to hold on to, so pull me up”

19-year-old Scott Verrill, better known as KYKO, is an indie-pop artist from South London. With his debut EP Animals, he has sparked the interest of many.

He possesses a unique and unusual sound, incorporating captivating African percussive beats and electronic flurries, encompassing various tropical elements into his tracks, giving off a summer-infused vibe in his tracks, and “Pull Me Up” is no different. Catchy and vibrant, the track is a must-have for every summer or beach play list. With “Pull Me Up,” the lower undertone in his voice is clearly shown off, making it a well-rounded tune, perfect for any mood.

I can’t wait to hear what KYKO has in store for us next. You can check out his Animals EP on SoundCloud.