joe hertz

Joe Hertz (ft. HUNTAR) – Tied Up

“Now you’re staring in my eyes, tell me what you’re thinking. I know that you’re going home with me, tied up. Let me just sweep you off your feet, tied up.”

Joe Hertz’s latest track “Tied Up” is a collaboration with up and coming r’n’b artist Huntar. The song features a production that is in a similar vein to some old school Pharrell/Justin Timberlake. “Tied Up” is sensual and smooth, beginning with muffled vocals and resonating synths. HUNTAR’s vocals are silky and fit seamlessly with the production to create a sound that feels like cool water, effortlessly refreshing. The track’s production is entrancing and encompasses the entire piece, each moment feels carefully orchestrated while remaining fresh.

Lyrically “Tied Up” is sexual and shadowy. The song is the perfect soundtrack to a darkened club, emphasizing the best parts of a night out, secret glances and bodies on a dancefloor. Lyrics like, “…you wanna touch my skin, you wanna taste sweet sin, tell me whispers, tell me secrets….” give the song an air of clandestine lust. The chorus is simple but memorable, and definitely danceable.

While Joe Hertz may not have released much music, he’s been getting radio play on BBC R1 and “Tied Up” promises great things from both him and HUNTAR. To keep up with both of these artists you can check their SoundCloud!