donna missal

Donna Missal – Keep Lying

“Feed me your affection, give me just one taste to sustain this addiction, blissful affliction. I swallow your playing till it runs through my veins. “

New Jersey songstress Donna Missal delivers soul in her debut mark on the industry with single, “Keep Lying.” Missal introduces an intense vocal range in this emotional, blues-esque track exposing a dependency towards a significant other. “Keep Lying” anecdotes a relationship existent only on the untraditional addiction for deception. Vocals are raspy, giving off soul. Missal has talent that transitions into a soft voice, first  to rock feels the next, doing so quickly without leaving it out of place. 

Missal is a prime example of a beginning, already jaw-dropping talented artist that picks up this guitar and spills out their heart. A must artist to keep tabs on.