Cloves – Everybody’s Son

“You watched me lose my way and I didn’t wanna hear it. Made all the big mistakes, didn’t know I was being selfish.”

Melbourne-native Kaity Dunston made huge waves with the release of her debut single “Frail Love” in June of this year. Performing under the moniker Cloves, she has unveiled her latest release in the form of “Everybody’s Son.”

The track details the story of a familiar love. The singer told us “‘Everybody’s Son’ is a straight up love song about growing up with someone and realizing that the person I love was there all along.” The track is a stripped down ballad that is carried by a few guitar chords and Dunston’s gorgeous vocals. Her latest release comes with details of her forthcoming EP XIII, out November 23rd via Duly Noted Recordings.

Check out our Q&A with Kaity below.

How’d you discover your voice and really start getting into singing and writing?
To be honest, I didn’t really discover I had a voice because I started singing from such a young age that it sounded terrible. My voice I guess just matured and became better with time. Songwriting was a little bit of the same, it was pretty shit when I started, but I guess like learning anything, you get better with practice.

Who would you say are major influences?
Musically, Mazzy Star, Fiona Apple, Amy Winehouse, Ben Howard, Paolo Nutini. I could definitely name a few more. But I would say that the thing I’m mostly influenced by is the tone of singers voices. 

You have such a beautiful, soulful voice. Have you faced any obstacles being a female in the industry? Whether it be comparisons to artists you wouldn’t necessarily agree with, or nit-picky things like fashion/looks?
I think people do lazy comparisons whether you’re a male or female. When I first started as a 16 year old artist, it was tough that people would think I had no idea what I was doing or wanted to do. I think that was just a combination of my age and sex, but as I’ve worked hard on what I want to do, those prejudices aren’t as common anymore. I think that female powerhouses such as Amy, Feist and Adele have changed the way that people can look at female artists. So I have a lot to thank for them. 

What can fans expect from you in the future?
My EP is being released November 23rd. I’m currently working on my debut album, which is kind of kewwwllllll. Along with some less depressing, up tempo music which I think is definitely needed.

Any tour plans?
I’m just finishing up a mini-UK tour which included Liverpool, Manchester and a few shows in London, the last being this Thursday at The Waiting Room (get down there!). November, I’m touring the U.S with James Bay which is super exciting, playing shows in LA, Houston, Dallas and a couple others.

Lastly, I just love asking everyone this question because I get such a variety of responses. If you had the celebrity power of Kanye West, what would be on your ultimate rider?
Larry the dog, a cow that you can milk gin from, guess you could call it a gow. a human cheeto to be best friends with.