CHINAH – Minds

“These hollow minds, our painted pride. Slow games, an easy way to walk around. But you never seem to make up your mind boy.”

Melodic at the start, CHINAH has a sway with their single “Minds” when the vocals hit at nearly the 40-second mark. However, Glindvad sings, “But you never seem to make up your mind boy” over a storm of synths. This tune is perfect for a chill, relax rainy day type of playlist. It’s heartbreaking; delivering all honesty and captures the moment when you boldly feel something even though coming to terms with mutual decisions is frustrating and confusing for both sides. The vivid, soft voice is beautiful, but also the most vivid component of the song.

“Minds” along with previous singles from CHINAH, “Away From Me” and “We Go Back,” are part of the band’s eagerly anticipated debut EP available to buy via label No.3 in January 2016.