Dresses – Let Down

“Don’t wanna be another one that you throw back. This is a two-way street, not a cul de sac. And if I threw my heart and made a pass, would your hands reach out when I said ‘catch’?”

Hailing from Portland, indie-pop outfit Dresses, comprising of real-life couple Timothy Heller and Jared Ryan Maldonado, have been taking the world by storm with their infectious melodies and they are now back with brand new EP, Let Down.

The EP takes you on an emotional ride with its blend of cheery pop tunes and folk-inspired compositions. One of Dresses’ fortes is arguably their impeccable harmonies. Individually, both Timothy and Jared have incredible voices but together, they are unstoppable. The feel-good aspect of their tracks is further amplified by the couple’s adorable chemistry, clearly delivered through their tone. The song that stands out most for me is “I Don’t Believe Them.” Taking a different, less-happy approach, the song incorporates elements of angst and sass while retaining their iconic harmonies and rhythmic beats.

The EP is definitely worth a check out, though bearing slight variation in their sound from their previous album, Dresses still manages to impress. You can purchase their EP here.