Gallant – Weight In Gold

“I’m pulling my weight in gold. Call me anxious, call me broke but I can’t lift this on my own.”
Alternative-R&B singer Gallant has been generating a lot of buzz with his debut EP Zebra, after which he basically vanished. He is now back with a new track and video for lead single, “Weight In Gold.” Gallant began his musical journey writing songs as a form of solace to deal with his emotions. After being turned away by many for having too unusual a sound, he finally got signed to Mind of a Genius, who houses other artists including ZHU and Klangstof.“Weight In Gold” shows off his amazing control over his soaring falsetto, touching you with deep meaningful lyrics and smooth hooks. Gallant has a knack for touching people with his voice, you can hear the passion as he sings and performs, establishing an emotional connection from the very first note. This theatrical track is innovative, ferocious and bold (or dare I say, gallant) and definitely awes its audience.

If I had to describe the music video in one word, it would be “spectacular.” You can tell his sheer pain and conviction through his dramatic body language and facial expressions, making it the perfect accompaniment to this emotional song. The flashing lights creates a smashing theatrical effect as he haphazardly dances to the painful tune.

It is hard to predict what will happen next with Gallant, but we can’t wait to hear more from him.