zola blood

Zola Blood – Pieces of the Day

“Home, home, home before the pieces of the day begin to fall/home, home, home towards the light as it rises overblown”

Zola Blood, the UK electric pop band who graced us with “Play Out” and their stunning debut EP Meridian, return with their second single off their upcoming double A side called “Pieces of the Day.”

This track, produced by Richard Formby, shows an even more mature and melancholic material from the quartet. It starts off with a pulsating beat then morphs into a beautifully dense, ambience of sound that easily gets into your skin. Frankly, the song works especially when you listen to it with your eyes closed and just let your body move. The lyrics are sung with murky vocals with chorus that speaks about the guys’ yearning to go home after a long ride on the London 8 night bus.

These guys are currently in the middle of recording their debut album that is expected to be released early next year. For now, you can pre order it over at Pledge music. If you haven’t heard their Meridian EP, it’s available for streaming on Soundcloud and Spotify. Electronic fans , especially those of the deep synth musing of SOHN, will love Zola Blood.

We at EUPHORIA. sure are!