social skills

Social Skills – It’s Invisible

“You don’t know you’re breaking my heart, slowly you can hear the cracks tear us apart.”

London-based electronic band Social Skills is new to the scene and already has us in awe. Their first ever track, “It’s Invisible,” gives us an insight into their sound and if anything, it is amazing.

The song starts off dreary, muffled and honestly, a little suicidal, reminding me of Gary Jules’ “Mad World.” However, after the 0:26 mark, the song makes a dramatic turnaround into an retro, upbeat track with a banging bass line and killer beats. What a pleasant surprise! The song is catchy, and the perfect pick-me-up after any long day.

“It’s Invisible” is one of four songs off their forthcoming EP Socialize! which is up for pre-order here.