olivver the kid

Olivver The Kid – World On Fire

“Everybody wants to start that flame; be the one to burn the whole damn building down.”

Olivver the Kid is burning as luminously as his latest release “World on Fire.” Following the 2014 release of the five track EP, Freak, Bryan Sammis, more commonly known as “Olivver,” sets ablaze a new flame in anticipation for the release of sophomore EP, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, out October 16th. The poetic songster layers his mysterious persona with a coat of daring boldness, and we can only expect the globe to continue spreading the passionate fire.

Dramatic, grand, and theatrical, “World on Fire,” ignites an inferno. It is an ambitious project that depicts massive growth as an artist in comparison to his prior work. Continuing to maintain the iconic electro-pop sound that is practically a trademark for Olivver the Kid, this tune blends familiar elements with the ferocity of innovative assets. The track contains a heavy percussionist foundation as the seemingly ruthless chorus booms with drums and synthetics beneath an impressive bass riff. It is the ideal fusion of pop, alternative, and electronic; it is hypnotic and magnetic. The tune is like a science experiment of noise that went completely right, and somehow we managed to enter his lair of genius melodies and unprecedented compositions. Olivver is pushing his limits in every aspect with each new release. His expression of vocal range has officially broadened, use of ambience amplified, and a newer, candid image of himself has been set forth. Perhaps this is the true Olivver the Kid that we’ve been waiting to see underneath the mystery.

“World on Fire” is now available on iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud.