Lemon – Your Friends

“All of your friends are telling you they heard my new song and said that shit bang, so you’re freaking out; Got nothing to say cause I’m moving up and you’re in my way.”

Move out of her way because this debut single by Toronto singer Lemon is an empowering one.

Overlaying synth pop with hip-hop beats and R&B, Lemon’s song is a chill and icy track. There is a lot of personality in her voice as she sings what appears to be an ode farewell to an old lover. Lemon is all about moving forward, kicking negative people to the side as she progresses in her career. And this song proves that kind of attitude will take her a long way.

“Your Friends (Interlude)” is one of ¬†those you need to have on your playlist whenever you are dealing with haters of your own.