Banoffee – With Her

“Every time I saw your face on the screen, I thought you were with me. You were with her.”

It has been a year since Australia’s gem Martha Brown, known under her Banoffee moniker, graced us with her self titled EP. Now the Melbourne native has returned with brand new single titled “With Her” off her forthcoming EP.

What makes Banoffee so unique is not just her insanely good fashion sense (seriously, how can you not talk about it?) but her distinctive sound of R&B. “With Her” is a piano led piece over electronic-pop. Her voice is soft. It carries an air of soul and vulnerability. Behind the catchy tune lies melancholic lyrics that will penetrate your heart to the core as you dance. The music video is a simple one, though nonetheless intriguing. It takes place  in a gymnasium pool with shots of the the crooner taking a dip in a one piece pink swim suit. Most of the time she is underwater in soft focus, which makes for a tranquil setting.

Occasionally she wears a open top ruffle pink hat atop her platinum blonde hair (told you, you can’t not talk about her style!) as she sings directly to the camera. Then it quickly cuts to several graceful synchronized dancers during the chorus. It all appeals to the intimate quality of the song while keeping up with its upbeat pop sound without making it look silly. The video gives the viewers not just an aesthetically beautiful video, but it is a good representation of the kind of artist she is.

With style and a music sound of her own, Banoffee is definitely artist you can not ignore. Her second EP entitled Do I Make You Nervous is out October 2.