the vryll society

The Vryll Society – Air

“To carry me home, to carry me home. I feel better, I feel better.”

Full of bobbin’ bass, spacey vibes, and a sinister aura of psychedelics, “Air” by The Vryll Society is a chill-out tune that takes you on an inter-dimensional journey. Think Pink Floyd meets Black Keys (once they ventured away from straight blues rock)—it’s far out, a little trippy, and has the fundamental rock and roll roots in its center.

Just listen to that guitar solo at the end! Talk about blues, talk about psychedelic rock! This song takes you down the rabbit hole while also emulating the tone of a heist film-soundtrack—classic, cool, and stealthily hypnotic. The Vryll Society perfect this sound; just check out the rest of their catalogue, it’s incredible. They use effects to their advantage, instead of merely using them to sound interesting.

These five guys from Liverpool are about to kick off their UK tour on October 6th. Unfortunately, tickets across the pond are not in the budget, so hopefully The Vryll Society will make their way over to the States soon! To see this band live would certainly be an experience like no other.