Talos – In Time

“In time, fall depths with me miles apart. In light we solve our whole lives.”

The feeling of floating above cool water. That is the feeling alt-electro/R&B soloist Talos gives the listener in his music. The song “In Time” reflects that feeling in its cover art as Irish vocalist and musician Eoin French wades into water while waves echo away from his body. The slow guitar riff introducing the song is reminiscent of EUPH. favorite London Grammar’s “Stay Awake,” slowly plucking the strings and sliding down the neck of the guitar sets the pace and mood for the song. It brings the head to a calmness and prepares the listener for French’s melodic falsetto that comes over the you like a calm wave. French can be related to London Grammar again in his similarities, vocally, to Hannah Reid. Like her, French’s perfect pitch, control, lyrics and buttery tone takes command of the sound we were already falling in love with, and reminds us of how an artist’s windpipe is an instrument in its own right.

The song takes the listener out of their element within the first 30 seconds and gradually pulls them farther and farther away from reality and more to a dreamlike state. When the 80’s synth sound of the keys takes a greater presence in the hook, it transcends the song to the next level and finally to the end, which in effect, transcends the listener to another level outside of their reality. It allows the listener to truly “go there” and fully digest the music, leaving a lasting impression that makes you want to put it on replay.

The new single was released on Sept. 29 on SoundCloud and has 12.4k replays and 690 likes. It follows the singles “Tethered Bones” and “Bloom” but steers away from their more electro-hip hop style, omitting the rapid high snare and hip-hop beat, for a more melodic indie-alt kind of sound. However, each song maintains its dream-like quality, emotional vulnerability and moody nature that will keep music lovers flocking to Talos, pining for its unique musical experience.

Talos currently has a few live performances scheduled, with more to be announced.

Oct. 2: Hard Working Class Heroes – Dublin, IE
Nov. 2: The Academy – Dublin, IE