sg lewis

SG Lewis – Shivers (ft. JP Cooper)

“And I know these smooth rhythms make me move my feet.”

At only 20 years old, Sam Lewis (aka SG Lewis) has managed to win over my heart with his majestic tracks—although, I’m sure he’s won over the hearts of many other electronic-music lovers. Every time a great track comes into my life, I have no words to describe how good it is. SG Lewis knows what he’s doing because “Shivers” literally has me grooving speechlessly alone in my room.

The young Liverpool-based music producer had the opportunity to collaborate with one of his favorite singer-songwriters, JP Cooper. The two together are absolutely MAGIC, I tell you! The track is therapeutic, soulful, and obviously sexy from the combinations of Cooper’s raw vocals and the grand, simplistic piano chords. The rhythmic snaps add depth to the track, making it impossible for listeners to keep still. Lyrics such as “I know these smooth rhythms make me move my feet” resonate exceptionally well with the song, as it causes listeners do just that. I’m not sure if anyone else hears it, or if it’s just me, but the chorus in “Shivers” slightly reminds me of the chorus in Miguel’s “Adorn”, except way stripped down and made its own. There’s something about the falsetto, and the yearning and emotional characteristics that makes them akin to each other. Even though the song bleeds similarities from Miguel’s “Adorn” (melodically), there is also a striking resemblance in Cooper’s tone with another soulful singer-songwriter, Justin Nozuka. The combinations of those two sounds may seem unconventional, but trust me, it works so well. Also, I’m not gonna lie, but I can picture this song in the background of a sexy make out scene in a critically acclaimed movie. In the meantime as we wait for that fantasy to happen, let’s just keep the song on repeat and enjoy its gloriousness.

If you guys dig this track as much as I do, check out SG Lewis’s Shivers EP! It is available now for purchase on iTunes, and for your streaming pleasures on Spotify.