Oxford Drama – Preserve

“Preserve all the love that you have and keep it in a bottle. Dig it deep underground so no one will find you.”

As soon as you hit play, you know you’re in for a treat—an upbeat, 80’s kind of treat, complete with a driving drum beat, bright synth, and a chunky, poppy bass that you can’t quite dance to but will certainly get you moving.

“Preserve” is the first single from Oxford Drama’s upcoming debut album. Oxford Drama is a duo from Wroclaw, Poland, which is especially interesting since, upon first listen, it seemed like these artists were straight from the sun-kissed shores of California. Something about the lively tempo and the melodic, laid-back vocals that makes this reviewer—who’s never been farther west than Illinois—think of driving down the freeway in a convertible as the sun sets over L.A.

The song is soaked in subtleties. Its sound reverberates—it is expansive, yet it is restrained in the most sonically pleasing way possible. Then there’s the bass, providing the rhythmic backbone, flourishing here and there but without drawing attention to itself. And the guitar, seemingly nonexistent for the majority of the song, appears to add another layer of texture. Each individual aspect of this track’s production creates one unified song of good times and fun, easy listening.

It’s astonishing to think that this is Oxford Drama’s first single from their first album. We’re eagerly awaiting hearing what the rest of the record will sound like. If it’s anything like “Preserve,” this duo will have a remarkable debut on their hands.