Mansionair – Speak Easy

“And oh, god, this is the last time. Can you keep the dialogue when you’re falling out of touch? Can you keep the dialogue for now? Can you keep the dialogue? Will it ever be enough?”

It seems that Mansionair’s new electronic synthpop ballad “Speak Easy” chronicles a breakup like a live feed, with verses that narrate the unraveling of a relationship and a chorus that begs it to stay together.

Electronic songs like “Speak Easy” are often unstructured; they do not follow the traditional verse-chorus-bridge pattern of most songs. In that respect, the song illustrates the chaos accompanying the aforementioned breakup, regardless of what kind of relationship it was. Within the powerful lyrics lies a scattered, unpredictable, edgy, and often repetitive conversation. The lyrics beg and ache; they attempt to hold onto the shreds of this relationship; they try to stop the breakup in its tracks. The production and the sound of the track, however, are peaceful and polished, displaying how the narrator wants to regain control of his fate but simply cannot. As this relationship goes under like a sinking ship, the singer tries to avoid its complete destruction. He asks for a substantial conversation—for something that will save whatever is left. But he soon realizes—oh, god this is the last time—that the relationship can’t be saved. He then has one humble and poignant request, the only thing that he can realistically expect to receive at this point: he simply asks to be let down gently—to be spoken to easily.

“Speak Easy” is addictive and haunting and relatable, like many of Mansionair’s songs. It is well written and well produced, making it catchy without needing to be discernibly upbeat. The vocals soothe while the bouncing keys pierce through like a heartbeat, forming a unique combination for listeners.

The Australian trio will be on tour worldwide throughout the fall, with upcoming dates in North America, Europe, and Australia. Their newest EP titled Pick Me Up is set for release on October 2, and can be preordered on iTunes now.