Longfellow – Choose

“Be my saviour, be my downfall, be my shelter, be my rain”

Today sees the release of “Choose”, the epic new single from emotionally charged South London five-piece Longfellow. Owen Lloyd (vocals), James Thomas (guitar), Lewis Fowler (bass) Ali Hetherington (keyboards / vocals) and Simon Treasure (drums) have propelled themselves into the limelight through BBC Introducing and will celebrate the single’s release by headlining their stage at Radio 2’s Festival In A Day this weekend alongside the likes of Rod Stewart before supporting Walking On Cars at Camden’s Electric Ballroom next month.

“Choose” builds on the foundations laid in 2014’s mini-album Prelude and this year’s Remedy EP, opening with vocalist Owen Lloyd’s fragile falsetto before atmospherically building into a mighty swell of rich alt-pop. The song grinds through the gears thanks to the unrelenting percussion and haunting chimes that drive from underneath the main body but it’s the vocals that really steal the show, acting like a shining light on a beautifully shadowy track.