kyla la grange

Kyla La Grange – So Sweet

“Baby when you follow me out, I didn’t know myself. Maybe I was hollow and proud, but I saw the way you felt. Oh don’t tell me it’s not about freedom, no. No, don’t tell me it’s not a good reason.”

EUPHORIA. favorite, Kyla La Grange, is back with her first single since the release of her sophomore album, Cut Your Teeth.

On the track, La Grange says, she “wrote ‘So Sweet’ in my kitchen when I was feeling really happy and in love, I started out with this arpeggiated jerky tuba type sound that I really liked but then wanted the choruses to feel a bit more cinematic with the dreamy guitars and harmonies, so there is kind of a weird contrast between the verses and the choruses, but I like it.”

With the release of “So Sweet” comes the announcement that she will be playing her biggest headlining show to date, the Oval Space in London on November 19th.