jesse davidson

Jesse Davidson – Lagoon

We last posted about Jesse Davidson when his collaboration with Japanese Wallpaper “Between Friends” released. He’s back with his second single off his forthcoming EP Lizard Boy, due out October 19th.

Following the melodic debut “Laika” released earlier this year, “Lagoon” is another pop-synth blend that further proves the 19 year old’s talent. Featuring his deep vocals and usual rhythmic synths, Davidson is showing off his style and what fans can expect from his EP.

He goes on to say that he “wrote this song about a year and a half ago as a kind of piano ballad type thing and decided that it needed a bit more style.” He continues, “I’m not much of a piano player myself so I decided to change the part to an arpeggiated synth line and add a hip-hop style drum beat. With the recording I made the active decision to play all the instruments myself. I wanted the song to have a nice balance between electronic and natural instrumentation. The song is about growing up and changing, and I think that theme comes across fairly explicitly when listening.”

Lagoon will be available for purchase and streaming on October 19th.