Transviolet – Bloodstream

“Hey, you wanna rule the world? Outlaw love make you lose control.”

With a swift sense of complex composition and compelling sounds comes a tune nearly as grand as iconic songs of Banks and FKA Twigs. “Bloodstream” from rising outfit, Transviolet, is an intriguing piece that maintains the typical verse, chorus, and bridge structure, but has slightly modified this typical production mechanism. With each break enters additional instruments and synthetic noises– thus creating a sound that begins gently and ends with a poignant, bold resonance. There is a clear flow to the song as a whole although it attempts to break barriers of the standard alt-pop melody

Cleverly leading up to a rather massive drop into the chorus is a dark beat lead by heavy bass and a few notes from the Chinese Pentatonic scale. This progression of notes is typically in conjunction with a relatively soothing rhythm, however, Transviolet has managed to take the essence of tranquility and brilliantly modify it into a blend of passion, lust, and fervor. A haunting salute to a yearning heart, Bloodstream pays homage to the undying hunger for love. Even so, it goes without saying that nearly every artist in the current era is singing of this topic as well yet this song goes beyond the noise. The immaculate mesh of lyricism and instrumentals actually provides feeling. The song becomes so illustrious and compelling that by the end of the track, one may nearly feel the heartache.