Tamper – Disparate Youth

“We know now we want more…a life worth fighting for”

The Brooklyn-based two-piece band, Tamper, has put a cool spin on Santigold’s song “Disparate Youth,” and it’s literally music to my ears. It’s different from the original’s tribal sound, but Tamper makes it their own in a low-fi distorted way. The song is mellowed out, chill, and has a good beat as the song progresses.

In the original version, various music styles are blended together to make the perfect mixture of sounds. There’s definitely hip hop beats incorporated, but as the song builds up into the hook, guitar stabs peek through, making the track even more wicked than it already is. Tamper, however, covers it nicely and does it justice—making the song their own and honing in on their indietronica sound. They slowed things down, making it a song you perfect for an evening cruise from the beach or a night chilling with a small group of friends. As the song goes on, an orgasmic bass comes into play. The duo has stripped the song down to synths, guitar, and rhythmic beats, making it a mellowed-out masterpiece of its own. It’s definitely a song for the dream-seeking, wanderlusting millennials, and Sanitgold knew what she was doing when writing such a song. Tamper pays tribute to her wonderfully, so we know Santigold would be proud.