IYES – No Wonder

“There’ll be no stopping me. There’ll be no hesitation. I’ll be your inspiration, desperation, separation. I’ll be the best of me.”

I have fallen in love with two people, and they go by the name IYES. This fresh duo from Brighton is consisted of members, Josh Christopher and Melis Soyaslanová, and they’re doing things right.

Their recently released track, “No Wonder”, is clean yet comprised into something sounding like the right amount of complex. Soyaslanová’s voice is slightly reminiscent of Romy Madley-Croft’s (The XX). The track is smooth and suave, and there is a velvety and dreamy tone to her voice. The melody is simple, made up of on-going beats and steady piano chords. Clean harmonies from the two add depth and texture to such a vengeful song. Add some synths and guitar, and you’ve got yourself a song that people will keep on repeat for months. It’s no wonder the song is so addictive—it’s layered so cleverly and beautifully.

“No Wonder” is one of those songs that you’d want to last longer, but it feels so much shorter because it’s so infectious. It’s an anthem for all you big dreamers who wanna make a point to all your haters—exes especially. So essentially, it’s a big middle-finger-anthem, and we’re all on board with it here at Euphoria.

IYES’ new Part One EP is now available for streaming on SoundCloud. We’re hoping there’s a Part Two EP.