hippo campus

Hippo Campus – South

Minnesota band Hippo Campus released debut EP Bashful Creatures last November. Now off the back of tours supporting the likes of Modest Mouse and Walk The Moon the band have premiered new single “South.”

Bashful Creatures was the illustration of “old heads and young shoulders”. It sounds cliche but the quartet come across as hugely refined and experienced – albeit it a youthful sound thanks to frontman Jake Luppen’s vocals and their infectiously upbeat groove rock – despite having only formed a year before the release. This latest track, the titular track from the band’s next EP, is more tempered. Luppen is significantly less jovial and the guitars are more restrained to a dreamy glimmer in the background. Evidently still finding their way through various styles, it makes for a wonderful change of tac for a hugely promising band.

The South EP will be available from October 2nd.