Elohim – Xanax

“I woke up to a heart attack, No I’m just being dramatic”

Here’s me being dramatic: “Xanax” is my favorite track by Elohim and it’s not even close. Of course, before you have a heart attack, I should add it’s only her second released track, with the first one (amusingly titled “She Talks Too Much”) meriting attention in its own ways. But “Xanax” is a different animal altogether, combining oft-moody synths with hauntingly straightforward lyrics about anxiety, depression, nausea, and “one synthetic medicine.”

Fortunately, the great thing about the song is that for all the heaviness you would expect from such a negative offering of topics, it’s actually quite easy to listen to in the way that Lana Del Rey can sometimes be. I would expect no problems when you put this on repeat (because you definitely will) – I certainly exhibited zero disconcerting symptoms after prolonged listening. One might even say the instrumentals are a pretty effective cure for the lyrics.

There are a lot of good songs out there that are just asking for people to remix them. This is one of them and I think a good number of rappers would have a field day with a chill song like this that mixes the ambient with some trip hop; most of the lyrics are already presented in a laid back form that is more or less within that range of rapping while legitimately singing at the same time.

Whenever you want to experience some melancholy without any of the unpleasant side effects, just listen to this song and lose yourself in the moment.