CHINAH – We Go Back

“Your moves affect my style, your lips attract the carefree light I see”

This is CHINAH’s second single and the Danish trio has already established themselves as experts at combining minimalistic beats with great synths and catchy guitar riffs. While their first single “Away From Me” was darker and broodier, “We Go Back” is somewhat lighter fare that reminds me of warm climates, neon lights, and lots of slow motion. Singer and songwriter Fine Glindvad breathlessly sings her lyrics in true retro fashion and the track starts to build layers near the end and goes into full synth mode as she repeats “don’t give me up” over and over again.

It’s a nuanced piece of music that might be laidback and chill, but there’s also that classic twinge of sadness one could always find back in the day in this kind of electronic music. Yet you have nothing to fear, because “We Go Back” is one of those songs you stick into a playlist before you invite someone special to your house, if you get my drift. Ten seconds in and the appropriate mood is set for hours to come.

I love making stupid pop culture analogies when I write about music and CHINAH is reluctantly going to have to join my list of victims. If Al Pacino didn’t get shot five trillion times at the end of Scarface (spoiler!) and lived on for a happy ending, I think this song would have been very appropriate for the end when he definitely looks up at a Pan Am blimp that says “THE WORLD IS YOURS” as his tiger dutifully sits at his feet and Michelle Pfeiffer is leaning against his shoulder with a coked out smile on her face. Sure this song didn’t exist back then, but that’s why CHINAH would have to go back in time and change movie history forever.