jack garratt

Jack Garratt – Weathered

Jack Garratt’s newest music video is giving the 2015 Oscar nominated Boyhood a run for its money. Featuring three young actors and the verisimilitude of youth in the great outdoors, Garratt’s video companion to “Weathered” feels just as relatable as the most popular coming of age stories shown on the big screen.

With the addition of his expert blend of folk guitar and bold electronic beats, Garratt’s magnetic vocals act as narrator for the boys’ journey portrayed throughout “Weathered.” The cinematographic style consistently switches between an omniscient, professional camera to the characters’ point of view through their camcorder. These intercuts bring us along for the ride as we join in for the laughs, fights and fun documented throughout the video.

While “Weathered” as a single is a masterpiece in its own right, its accompanying video provides a new iteration to Garratt’s intimate meaning.