Alessia Cara – Here

Sat heavy amidst a wall of reckless chainsmokers and beer-pong enthusiasts, Alessia Cara preaches an ode to “an antisocial pessimist,” in a blues-alternative record channeling Amy Winehouse. Heavy wind instrumentals accompanying an intriguing, hefty voice radiate classic vibes circa music of the 1920s with an utterly modern edge. Her combination of vintage vibes and contemporary spirit create a riveting track that utilizes the best elements of our favorite musicians: Nina Simone, Grace Potter, and Santigold.

Recently released under Def Jam Recordings, Cara fuses the typical R&B of the label with elements of pop and blues that have configured a spirited genesis to her career. With a sole record released on iTunes, “Here” shapes a platform for inevitable success. A gem that oozes with potential, Cara commences her debut with a forceful foot. Sweet sounds of pure baselines and savvy horns produce a harmonious support to the relatable lyrics that preach to our inner introvert.

With lyrics including “…so holla at me, I’ll be in the car when you’re done, I’m stand-offish, don’t want what you’re offerin’…’” and ending with “…and I can’t wait ’til we can break up out of here,” it’s evident that Cara taps into an intimate, timid version of herself. As the music video portrays an apprehensive lead whilst at a house party, our protagonist endures rather than participates. She complains about the crazed atmosphere and obvious marijuana smell emanating throughout the house. Even if one does enjoy this atypical ambience, however, party animals worldwide will go bananas for the tune.