Vant – The Answer

“You’re from England? Well hello there my brother. Keep sucking my dick, while my friend fucks your mother.”

Vant continue to put themselves on the map in the least discreet way possible. Fronted by Mattie Vant, they’re quickly making a name for themselves for their short, snappy and brash songs. Blistering singles “Parasite,” “Do You Know Me,” and demo “Birth Certificate” all don’t break the three minute barrier and latest track “The Answer” follows suit. This new single, released Thursday, is their first release on new label Parlophone.

Never one to shy away from big topics and regardless of who they offend in the process, “The Answer” tackles the issue of media influence on public opinion and the UK’s current position within global politics – in particular the situation in Syria and the special relationship with America. Sounds heavy, right? Well they’ve got the garage rock fuzz and attitude to match. Not least in their fiery lyrics (see above). Need I say more?