Uquine – Voyager

“There’s something I need to tell you (pull me away and put me aside).”

Sauntering through an contemporary art gallery in the Lower East Side of New York City is a soft hum of muffled voices conversing, and faint clicks of high heels on a concrete floor. A subdued beat mulling amidst the silent atmosphere is ambient; a quiet purr of soft lyrics and muted drums. “Voyager” by electronic artist Uquine is the epitome of tranquility with this tune.

Mastering serendipity, the song will quite literally ease your mind into a voyage of complete equanimity. It is intriguing not because of an elaborate beat, larger than life instrumentals, or fervent lyrics, but because of an individual tonality. It is rare to discover a song that it pure. The song is a virtue and a sincere composition. “Voyager” does not lack any musical aspect, however, each sector of the song is equal. No feature is specifically prominent, but the piece as a whole contains a tone that is undoubtedly satisfying. The tune is peacefully monotonous in the best way possible. It methodically blends a relaxing chord progression with candid lyrics that flow as easily as the mind wanders.

The music of Uquine retains elements of serenity and passion to which “Voyager” is the epicentre. This particular song is ideal for empty minded listening as its soothing elements tap into the abyss of the mind that is too often concealed by the hum drum of work and no play. Let the beat take you on a voyage of indisputable peacefulness.