seinabo sey

Seinabo Sey – Pretend

“All turned out as great as it could (knock on wood). Things are going just as they should (knock on wood).”

Seinabo Sey’s latest track and video are infectious. Known for her critically acclaimed first EP, For Madeleine which was named after her mother, the Swedish artist has just released her second EP For Maudo named after her father. “Pretend,” a track off of For Maudo, is immediately arresting in its catchiness. Beginning with a clapping beat and jangling backing noises, Sey’s voice thrums over pulsing synths. Low and resonating, Sey’s vocals are unique and intriguing, and fit perfectly with the Soul Pop vibe of “Pretend.” Lyrically the song is uplifting and meshes well with the quick and happy electronic beat and keyboard. However, the song doesn’t feel light and airy, but rather heavy and warm. It sits deep in your chest, vibrating out a strong feeling of strength and well being.

The music video for “Pretend” is as aesthetically pleasing to watch as the song is to listen to. Featuring two women dancing their way through the night and across Stockholm, the girls eventually climb a large rock overlooking the water as the sun begins to rise. A chronicle of female friendship and the power to find your own happiness, the video feels like the perfect accompaniment to a song about overcoming one’s personal obstacles.

Sey’s “Pretend” is now available for purchase on iTunes!