Natalie McCool – Oh Danger

“I’m walking on a glass floor, stepping through a trap door. Looking to the great unknown, living in a tin can. Put my heart in your hand, watch it as you throw it overboard.”

One can find what they need our of Natalie McCool’s sweet, melodic “Oh Danger” after catching an addiction to her last successful single, “Pins.”  With “Oh Danger,” the rhythmic tune, written by her, as of all her tracks., adds to the alternative-pop pallet.  This Liverpool-native’s soft, soothing voice contrasts perfectly with the instrumental background.  At 90 seconds of “Oh, Danger” it is very controlled, until the slight explosion of beats spark your feelings. This tune gravitates you. It wraps you into your own feelings as it is about a faltering relationship. It’s intricate instrumental patterns–different from her prior sound. Change is good, change is full of a cool, edgy complexity. McCool is a diverse forthcoming artist to stun as much as the guitar melodies against the slight pauses in the vocals.

If Tove Lo, Tuneyards, or Lily Allen mesmerize you, prepare to put this artist in your repertoire to brag about. Keep an eye out for McCool and check her out if in London. She makes an appearance at Sebright Arms on July 21 and more information can be found here.