MSMR – Criminals

Enigmatic duo MSMR’s latest offering “Criminals” is quickly becoming a favorite of the summer. The New York based band consists of vocalist Lizzy Plapinger and producer Max Hershenow. They’re known for their eclectic indie pop sound, and “Criminals” follows in the same vein.

The track starts off loud with a resonating drum beat and Plapinger’s warm and emotive vocals. The song’s production is lush and full, building an imagined world around Plapinger’s voice, rather than overloading and overshadowing. “Criminals” strongest moments come in its chorus and bridge, which are dancey and infectious. There is something deep in the beat of the song that is irresistible, and try as you might you’ll find yourself dancing along in no time. The song lyrically is thoughtful even in its hyperactivity, and the lyrics give more with each replay.

MSMR are following up their stellar debut album Secondhand Rapture with their second record, How Does It Feel? on July 17th. Pre-ordering the record gives you access to four tracks including “Criminals.”