Loyal – Future Now

“Today I choose not to be afraid of things I can’t foresee. If I’m not stretching I can’t grow. I don’t want my past to take control…I am ready to live my future now.”

Finnish singer-songwriter Teemu Sätilä, also known as Loyal, is ready to live his future.

This folk rock song opens with mellow guitar sounds, blended with Sätilä’s rich vocals. At first, you think the song will stay that way throughout. Instead, it surprises you with highly energized pace carrying a strong sense of urgency. There is a tender moment at the bridge when the song slows down, becoming almost like a one on one conversation between you and singer talking about fear and letting that get in the way of accomplishing your goals. This part is the heart of the song.

Sätilä’s debut track is so personal as it is honest. He crafts a song that is relevant to anyone who feels like they are stuck in their lives. The downside is that the song is only three minutes. However, it is a great tune that can inspire you to get up and keep moving forward in life no matter how scary the future can be.

“Future Now” is available on Spotify. Be sure to add it to your “favorites” playlist.