LEÓN – Tired of Talking

“Do you sometimes let your hands slip away? Something just feels different about you, babe.”

It looks like Sweden has acquired a new babe and songbird in town, and she goes by the name of LEÓN. She has been taking the music world by storm, making her debut on July 3rd. Collaborating with producer Agrin Rahmani, the Stockholm-native has caught the attention of hungry new fans on SoundCloud, Hype Machine, and even the likes of the young actress known for her stellar taste in music, Chloë Grace Moretz.

With LEÓN’s crystal clear voice starting off the song, listeners can expect a soulful groove and catchy-pop vibe to her work. Her sultry, soulful voice—which is reminiscent of Tove Lo and Ryn Weaver’s voices—progresses into a smooth falsetto hook, drawing new fans in for more. The chorus, then, hits them with an upbeat punch, but slows down with a hypnotic, howling whistle into the second verse. Lyrics such as “I’ve been nothing but good to you. Your howlin’ into the night won’t do”, makes the song relatable and heartbreaking, yet also the new empowering breakup song to jam out to.

The Swedish singer/songwriter has an EP in the works, and her new single is just a taste of what she has in store.