Lawrence Taylor – Bang Bang

“A swell of smoke around you fill the air. A hero shines the way, let them turn.”

Birmingham UK born Lawrence Taylor proves that he’s got soul in his second single off his new EP set to debut this fall.

The twenty-two year old singer songwriter’s newest track, “Bang Bang”, opens up with angsty guitar riffs that are eerily reminiscent of late 60s &70s Rock. With cut throat lyrics, together they produce a gunslinging atmosphere, leaving a smokey aroma that gradually grows with intensity as the song progresses. Taylor’s voice displays copious amounts of maturity for his age as well as an effortless falsetto that is sure to blow your mind.

You can purchase “Bang Bang” on iTunes and stream the song on Spotify. If you live in London, be sure to check out Lawrence Taylor perform at Servant Jazz Quarters on November 12.