Laurel – Blue Blood

Laurel’s latest musical offering is ironically one of her first. While initially releasing “Blue Blood” as a demo on her Soundcloud, Laurel quickly impressed listeners with her pensive pop music and brooding ballads.

From there, the twenty-one year old British singer-songwriter released her  debut EP To the Hills and the late 2014 stunner Holy Water.After having fun with her terrifically produced mix-tape Allelopathy, Laurel is returning to the her roots with an official re-release of “Blue Blood.”

Laurel’s newest single features her signature sultry vocals as she purrs along illustrious string instrumentals and a plaintive piano. The vocal melodies in “Blue Blood” work well against the track’s thumping beats, which demonstrates Laurel’s developing musicianship form the original demo.

Speaking about the evolution of “Blue Blood,” Laurel reveals that the re-release “has formed into a song, which I feel has shaped most of the music I am writing and producing today.” Recorded along a twenty-four piece string section at Angel Studios, the track was produced along Dani Castelar.

Those excited about the stellar “Blue Blood” are in luck as Laurel’s debut album is set for release within the next twelve months. You can bet EUPHORIA. will be one of the first in line.