Kwabs – Look Over Your Shoulder

“Better look over your shoulder because when you’re on your own, it’ll creep into your head and it’ll never let you go.”

Take London based soul singer Kwabs and put him with the dark synth stylings of SOHN, aka Christopher Taylor, whose produced music for Banks and Lana Del Rey, and you get (yet another) killer duo that can make something exceptional.

After their recent collaborations on “Wrong or Right and “Last Stand” comes Kwabs’ newest single off his anticipated debut album Love + War.  The song starts with SOHN’s inviting deep electronic beats before Kwabs rich tenor vocals come in that will instantly grab your attention. You can not ignore it. The lyrics entice you by giving you a clear warning if you are living a less than stellar lifestyle. What goes around, comes around! To be frank, the key part of the song is the chorus, which will probably remind you of the one in Michael Jackson’s song “Who Is It?”, by giving an eerily suspicious vibe that something or someone is lurking behind you.

Both artists make great music individually but together this song is a lovely blend of neo R&B/Soul and gothic synth electronic pop. A collaborative team that is sure keep everyone on their toes for their  next mashup.

Kwabs’ debut album Love + War is set to be released on September 11 through Atlantic UK Records.