jen jis

Jen Jis – Women

“Women we got to change the world, change it all. Women we got to change it now.”

With feminism being a hot top in our world right, French artist Jen Jis debut song “women” featuring Lawrence Lea is perfectly fitting.

It is an electro-pop, deep house track that is will get your body moving quick. The opening of the track is a soft, acoustic guitar riffs that almost resembles a tango sound. With synthesized vocals passionately shouts “women” mixed throughout the track, the listener is drawn in immediately to the subtle message the singer delivers. As the title suggests, the theme is pro-women. Moreover, it is a call to end inequality and injustice that women face more often that their male counterparts.

If you are someone who is all about women’s rights or just wants to hear a fresh new beat to dance to, then Jen Jis music is sure to please you.